Braincation Time

What is a Braincation? An excellent question! Until a few days ago I had no idea what a braincation was. I was reading an article about Marriott International offering Tech-Free Zones in seven resorts located in Mexico and Caribbean to provide your brain a chance to have a vacation (or braincation) and take a break from all techie gadgets. By getting away from all technical gadgets and just relaxing you are allowing yourself to completely recharge and provide your brain with a digital detox.

The tech-free zones at the resorts are areas where no techie gadgets are allowed so you don’t need to worry about people broadcasting their phone conversations while you’re trying to kickback and relax. Now when you read the article note that the Tech-Free zones are only offered starting in December and through the winter months. Personally I would like to see Tech Free Zones available year round in every resort!

It is important to give your brain a rest and to be able to totally relax while on vacation. Just check out some of our blogs on this page about switching off. That is one reason I love to cruise…my phone doesn’t work at sea or internationally and you have to pay by the minute for internet access so I get an almost complete break…there are times I will pay for an internet package if there is something going on that I need to keep an eye on while on vacation. Since I’m a morning person I get up early do my workout and quiet time then while hubby is getting ready, I quickly go online do what I need to do and then I’m done for the day. I can now spend the day with hubby relaxing and enjoying our vacation.

Now being a home-based business I can understand the thoughts that some people who are also home-based go through. Can’t leave the business, have to stay connected, etc. Really?? I know the excuses I have used them, but here’s the thing…there are many services out there like Virtual Assistances, Answering Services, etc that can help cover your business while you are away. If you have an assistant then let them take care of things and if you can’t trust your assistant to do that, you might need a new assistant! There are VA services that will sort through your email and forward you anything that you need to take care of. If you have a good VA then that person will know your business and have models they can follow to respond to most emails for you. The more urgent emails they can forward to you and you can check them once a day.

While looking for a picture for this blog I stumbled across a great blog about Braincation with the fabulous picture you see above. I love what the author, K L Schwengel had to say about Braincations and how hard it is to get the brain to shutdown for a bit of R&R. I can relate to what is written in the blog about the ” brain noise”. Nothing worse than trying to relax or meditate and the brain, being the workaholic that it is, decides to start processing some thoughts, events, etc that you have encountered during the day.

It can be hard to switch off and relax, but some of my best ideas have come from these “quiet” moments of relaxation and switching off the techie gadgets and doing a tech detox. I now try to incorporate a relaxation period into each and every day so I’m always able to be at my best for my clients each and every day.

We would love to hear your thoughts about Braincations and what you do to tech detox. Also would you like to see Tech-Free Zones offered at resorts? Please leave your comments below.

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