Early Bird Really Does Catch the Worm

Early Bird Catches the WormThe saying “early bird catches the worm” is so true! Especially when it comes to cruising. If you are looking at traveling during a peak season in an area on average the earlier you book the more you save. People love to try and get last minute deals, and yes you can find some, but if the sailing is popular then the prices will increase closer to the cruise. If the sailing is not selling well then the prices will typically be lowered.

When it comes to booking group cruises this saying is VERY true. The further out you book your group the easier it becomes to reserve any meeting or conference room space. Cruise lines provide meeting and conference room space free of charge BUT it is booked on a first-come-first-served basis. The best time to book your group cruise is 18-12 months in advance. Yes you read that right. This means that you have a better chance of reserving the meeting space AND you also lock in the low prices for your group.

I had a group where we booked them early on a popular cruise. As the final payment deadline approached I checked the pricing that everyone else was paying. Yes the cruise was for a popular time to sail…the group was paying $400 per person LESS than the current market rate! That was a good incentive for the group to help the fence sitters get off the fence and book their cruise. That $400, for most attendees, covered their airfare.

With cruising becoming more popular it is important to book your cruise early. Once you have booked your cruise and paid your deposit a good cruise agent will keep an eye on the price for you. If the pricing drops before final payment date then the agent can request the cruise line drop your price to match, or if the drop is significant enough, give you the option of paying the same and upgrading your cabin. Once final payment is made, you are locked in to the rate you paid.

Another advantage of booking early is it gives you time to save for your vacation. You pay your full deposit when you book and then about 70-90 days (depending on the cruise line) prior to the sailing your final payment is due. You can make smaller payments in between the deposit date and final payment provided you have booked well in advance. You can even cruise on layaway and have others help pay for your vacation. If you setup a vacation account through http://www.cruiseonlayaway.com you can set up your own website about your trip and have people gift you money towards your trip for your birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you booked on your next cruise…For more information visit us at http://www.Have2Cruise.com or call us at (818) 528-8300 and let us assist you in finding the right cruise to fit your wants, needs, budget and personality.

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