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Helen Brahms | Cruise Planners | Have2Cruise | Have2Travel | Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas | MultiGenerational Travel
3 Generations cruising together to celebrate 7 milestone birthdays

Why take a family vacation? This is a great question!

Recently I read an article about the importance of taking a family vacation. We often talk about the importance of taking time from work for vacations leads to stress reduction, more productivity, etc. With family vacations not only is there stress reduction, but it can bring families close together, create lifelong memories, and so much more.

The article “Family Vacations Serve as ‘Happiness Anchors’ for Kids Until They Grow Up” mentions how spending time on vacations is better than spending time on toys. I totally agree with this. I can’t remember much about the toys I had growing up but I remember the vacations we took and the experiences we had.

Helen Brahms | Cruise Planners | Have2Cruise | Have2Travel | Family Vacation | MultiGenerational Travel
Family vacation circa 1980

I was raised as the oldest of three kids and the only girl. Many school vacations were spent traveling to some part of New Zealand for a family vacation. Some it was just our family, other times we met up with family and friends for a few days together. We had a blast on those vacations. Yes, I remember some we would protest about going away on vacation instead of staying home.

Our parents thought it would be good to show us our own country. They always said they would pay to show us our own country, but if we wanted to travel overseas, we had to pay our own way. Not only did they take us on some amazing vacations in New Zealand but they taught us how to be travelers and look beyond the tourist stuff to see the real people and experience and respect their culture, if it was different from our own.

Those vacations bonded us together as a family. It gave us experiences and memories that will last us a lifetime. The stories we tell about travels we have done together are always filled with laughter and love. Even the ones where things were not all roses. Yes, there were times in my teenage years where I wasn’t exactly cooperative about going on vacation, but I ended up enjoying the vacation anyway. It gave our family another connection to each other. During family get togethers it is the vacation stories that are often shared more often than the non-vacation stories.

Because we got interested in travel and experiencing other cultures it came through in my school work. One of my favourite subjects was Social Studies where we got to explore other countries and cultures. Learning about these countries gave me an ‘itch’ to go and explore them and experience them for myself. I love hearing about vacations others go on. It piques my curiosity of what I want to add to my travel list and experiences I want to have.

I can also attest from first hand experience that when it comes to happy memories more of them are vacation memories than any others. Yes, I have some amazing memories from my childhood some good, some not so good, but the majority of the ones that make me smile the most are the vacation ones. Sometimes it is not something big you remember, just something small. Like the trip we were on when we stopped in a rest area so my youngest brother could experience snow for the first time. Yeah, he didn’t like it much. Too cold!

Even as I type this I’m sitting here smiling and laughing at some of the memories that are flashing through my head from vacations I have had with my family. I do miss those days of traveling together and the fun we had. I’m looking forward to the day we can take another family vacation. Of course this one will be a little more than 5 people. That will take some planning with 3-4 generations all traveling together. But I look forward to it.

Take the time now to enjoy your kids at the age they are at. It is amazing watching kids experiencing something for the first time and seeing old places again through their eyes. Kids are a gift. Family is a gift. Treasure it. Life passes by so quickly. As Kenny Chesney says in his song “Don’t Blink“.

If you would like help planning your family vacation for just your immediate family or for the bigger multi-generational family, then please call us at 818.528.8300 today.


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