Who Do You Call When There Are Flight Delays?

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Flight delays…Have you ever had this happen to you?

You are heading out of town for business or to start your vacation and your flight is delayed or canceled. You have booked everything yourself online and your flight leaves either the evening before (red eye) or the day of your cruise or start of tour or conference, etc. Your flight will get you there in plenty of time. No problem; right??

Hmmm, then at the airport that dreaded announcement is made “Due to weather, mechanical issues, etc, this flight to _________ has been delayed/canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.” OH NO!!!! Flight delay! What do you do?

What happens next?? People flood the ticket counter trying to be the most “urgent” case to get rebooked on the very next flight or they flood the counter VENTING their frustrations in order to get some sort of VIP treatment. Yep, you know the ones.

Because you booked your tickets online what are you going to do? It looks like the flight may now not be able to get you where you want to be in time or it will be cutting it VERY close. What do you do?

If you had booked your vacation through a travel professional this can, in most cases, be avoided. Your travel professional will advise you to fly in at least one day before to allow for any unforeseen incidents that could cause you to miss your cruise/tour or start of your conference, etc. That way you can start your vacation or business trip in a relaxed way. Should there be any delays, just call your travel professional and have them take care of finding another flight, hotel for the night, etc.

If you decide to fly in the day of the cruise, tour, event, etc then your travel professional will be the best one to help you get things sorted out, BUT remember some things are beyond their control. When they advise you to fly in the day before, please listen to them! They are thinking about the time you will be traveling: what is the weather is typically like; is a peak travel time; how many traveling in the group; etc. By taking all this into account they have an idea that if there is likely to be a flight delay and what the chances of getting you onto another flight to make your cruise, tour, event, etc will be.

I remember when I was flying back to San Diego from Vancouver after a convention. My connection was through San Francisco. Our flight from Vancouver was delayed four hours due to fog in San Francisco, meaning I would miss my connection. In Vancouver I was able to get my connection flight moved to a later time, but when we got in the air the airport was once again closed and we ended up circling for a bit and finally got a break in the clouds allowing us to land. But it was cutting it close to make my connecting flight. Fortunately, I was flying business class so there was no delay in getting off the plane in San Francisco. I did the dash thing but they had closed the gate on my connecting flight two minutes prior to me getting there.  I headed to customer service and when I got there the line was MASSIVE!! Easily over 200 people standing in line. I went to find a seat so I could get online and do my thing and find another flight. As I turned I noticed a little sign for Business Class passengers and thought I could wait in that line and do my thing and see which works faster. I walked straight to the front of the line and within 10 minutes I was walking to the gate for my next flight. I heard a lot of people grumbling about how many hours they had been standing in line. Some were on their phones trying to get hold of the airline customer service to find another flight. If they had booked through a travel professional they would have avoided the lines, long hold times, and maybe been on earlier flights that had left while they were waiting in line.

Remember your travel professional is your advocate. Whatever you get them to book they can help you if anything unforeseen pops up. If you need would like a FREE 1-hour no obligation vacation planning consultation please go to ConnectWithHelen. com and select the best day and time that works for you. Once you click Confirm it will block that time in our calendar.


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