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The countdown starts:     10     9     8     7     6     5     4     3     2     1     HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Helen Brahms | Cruise Planners | Have2Cruise | New Year | Big Ben

Where are you?

Are you at home tucked up in bed asleep not able to stay up and ring in the New Year? Are you sitting in your favorite chair watching the ball at Times Square drop? Are you with a group of friends at a local bar? Are you getting bored with doing the same thing each year?

Why not start a new tradition of being in a different location around the world on New Year’s?

You could follow the New Year around the world. What does that mean? You could start in the first country to ring in the New Year and then each year pick a country west of that starting point to go for the next New Year. Or you could reverse it and start in the last place to ring in the New Year and go East.

You could do the Hot/Cold New Year. Okay that sounds a little strange…what is that? Very simple. Southern and Northern Hemispheres have opposite seasons. While the Northern Hemisphere is in winter the Southern Hemisphere is in summer. For a Hot/Cold New Year you alternate each New Year between the Southern Hemisphere (hot) and the Northern Hemisphere (cold).

What about the “Where it Stops” New Years? Now that sounds a little strange but it’s not. Just spin a globe and then place your finger on the spinning globe to stop it and that is where you go. Or you could do a slight variation of this with “Pin the Flag on the Country”. This will require assistance as it is similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Blindfolded, spin three times and then stab the map with a flag, or something similar.

We also have the “Bucket List New Year’s”. Start working on your bucket list destinations and, if you can, incorporate them into a New Year’s celebration.

There is also the home-based option too. This is where you don’t leave your country but you go to a different city or town within your own country. If you live in the USA you could do the Capital New Year by celebrating New Year’s in a different State Capital each year.

There are so many options that could help you turn your new year’s into something special and memorable. What tradition are you going to start to ring int he New Year this year?

For help with planning your New Year Adventure please go to to set up a time for us to connect.

Helen Brahms

World globetrotter, Helen Brahms, is your Luxury Travel Concierge. She specializes in creating unique once-in-a-lifetime travel memories and charity fundraising trips. Whether your travel dreams include exotic locations or time with your family, you can have it all. Helen loves to help people cross destinations off their travel bucket list before they take a dirt nap!

Helen is the host of the Have2Travel Radio Show ( and is the author of the book "Congratulations, You're Going On a Cruise! Now What?" and the co-author of the book "Passionistas Talk!: The Best of the Passion Point Interviews (Vol. 1)"


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