Road Safety When Traveling – Lights On! [Article]

Recently we were driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and the weather was not the best. In fact the closer we got to LA the worse the weather got. What surprised us the most was as the visibility deteriorated the number of cars that did not turn their lights. I know not all states have the law that lights should be on when it is raining, but it is a very sensible road safety technique. Most people have the attitude that they can see other cars, therefore they can be seen. Really?

This photo was taken as we were driving south on the I-15 from Las Vegas. As you can see visibility while okay it is not the greatest. How many vehicles are heading south with us?

Road Safety | Have2Travel | Helen Brahms


Believe it or not there are FOUR vehicles heading south ahead of us!!

As we kept driving the weather conditions and visibility got worse. Look at this next photo…How many vehicles are there? Which ones can you see easily?

Bad Driving Conditions | Have2Travel | Helen Brahms

In this photo there are SIX vehicles and they are a lot closer to us than the first photo. Of course the vehicles you can see the easiest are the ones with their lights on.

One thing to note is day lights DO NOT turn on your tail lights. Which means in conditions like these, people may see you coming towards them, BUT if you can’t be seen from behind how can cars following maintain a safe travel distance? We saw a couple of near accidents because cars could not be seen until they braked.

When on a road trip use common sense. When it is raining turn your lights on. It is a very simple safety technique that can avoid accidents and save lives.

What are some of your simple yet effective road safety tips you use on road trips? Please leave your comments below.

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