Silversea Annouces Best-Selling Authors and Leading Experts for World Cruise 2013

In a recent press release from Silversea, they announced the guest speakers for Silver Whisper’s 115-day World Cruise 2013. Now you are probably thinking what on earth would I do on a cruise ship for 115-days? Great question!

According to the press release you would be following “the tropical belt to 52 destinations in 28 countries with overnight stays in several key ports. The warm-weather journey will explore New Zealand and Australia’s remote west coast; the isles of French Polynesia; Asian cities of Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore; and Africa’s western coast.”

Now you are probably thinking okay not bad but I don’t have 115-days to take…no problem. If you can’t spare 115-days for the whole trip then how about a segment? Let’s see if we can entice you further…

I mentioned above in the title Silversea has best-selling authors and leading experts who will be speaking on the cruise. Now these are not people who will be on the ship for the whole 115-days. There will be speakers on different segments so you now have the option of choosing a segment based on the itinerary or who will be speaking. Here’s some of the speakers they will have and which segments they will be sailing:

Mary Higgins Clark – Okay I don’t know about you but I have read every book she has written and she is one of my favorite authors. I love the twists and turns she has in her novels. Now Mary Higgins Clark will be sailing from Hong Kong to Singapore February 25-March 8. That’s 11 nights, in case you were wondering…I just might have to look more closely at this one.

Lynne Truss – I don’t know much about Lynn Truss but according to her bio her best-selling book is “Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation” AND it has sold over 3 million copies! She will be on the Sydney to Hong Kong segment February 4-25.

Nigel West – Okay now those who know me, know how much I love James Bond movies and anything relating to spies. One of Nigel West’s many books is “Historical Dictionary of Ian Flemming’s James Bond”.  Nigel West is a renowned military historian specializing in intelligence, counterintelligence and security issues. He has written many books on the intelligence world. Might have to put this one on the list for next year, but first I will have to go and read some of his work. Nigel West will be sailing two voyages. The first from Cape Town to Fort Lauderdale April 5-May 1 and then from Fort Lauderdale to Southampton May 1-May16.

Terry Waite – was hostage negotiator who was once a hostage himself for 1,763 days! I remember him being in the news when he was released back in 1991. Terry Waite will be sailing Los Angeles to Sydney on two back-to-back voyages. The first departs Los Angeles on January 5 arriving in Papeete on January 16, then second departs Papeete on January 16 arriving in Sydney on February 4.

Michael Buerk – does the name sound familiar? Click on his name and you will see his picture…ring any bells? Michael Buerk is one of Britain’s leading broadcast journalists for more than 30 years. He is on the same sailings as Terry Waite.

These are just some of the special guest speakers that Silversea will have on their 2013 World Cruise. You can join the whole cruise or just a segment. To read the full article click on Silversea at the top of the page and to find out more about their guest speakers click on their name. If you would like more information about the 2013 World Cruise or one of the segments please contact Helen Brahms at 818-528-8300 or click on “Contact Have2Cruise

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