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South Point Hotel Casino & Spa in Vegas is a hidden gem. It is not on the main strip in Vegas but about six (6) miles south. With Vegas hotels I’m never 100% sure what to expect when I get there. They range from luxury to the opposite end of the spectrum. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found when I got there.

I had driven five (5) hours to Las Vegas from San Diego and was running low on energy. It had been a long day that started the day before and capped with very little sleep. Not the best to be traveling but there are times we have to dig deep and carry on. This was one of those days. I followed the small signs to the front of the hotel so I could register. At this point I still wasn’t sure if I would self-park or valet. The decision was soon made as the hotel registration parking lane was full. But hey you’re in Vegas and the parking at hotel casinos are free. So Valet it was. They were out very quickly after I pulled into the Valet line and I have to give kudos to the Valets. If you use Valet at a hotel they are usually the first and last person you see so they need to be on the ball to assist and ensure you arrive and leave with a good impression. The Valet at South Point delivered on making me feel welcome by opening my door with a big smile welcoming me to the hotel. I will confess that I love having doors opened for me. The only downside to my welcome was they did not ask if I needed assistance with luggage. But that was okay. They had already boosted my spirits with a warm welcome and directions to the hotel registration desk.

Registration was a breeze. Friendly front desk staff with welcoming smiles and engaging. Being as tired as I was I totally forget the name of the young man who checked me in. Having worked front desk in hotels I tend to watch them a little closely to see what they do to make me feel welcome and if they tune into how I’m feeling at the time. The young man did an exceptional job of quickly and efficiently checking me in, but at the same time making me feel welcomed. There have been hotel front desk people who seem to drag out the process as they mentally go through their check in checklist and don’t take into account the body language or tone the guest is projecting. This young man was not one of them. Kudos to the hotel for having such people on their front desk. I am kicking myself for not taking note of his name!

I was soon in my room and very impressed with the size of the room. It was larger than I expected. Please see the video above for my tour through the room. There was plenty of space in the room. I soon discovered the split bathroom. I LOVE split bathrooms especially if you are sharing a room and/or traveling with kids. The bathroom had the shower over the bath and toilet sectioned off from the vanity and handbasin. It is great for people sharing as you can one using the facilities while another is at the vanity doing their hair, make up or having a shave. Love that!

The room had a great view of the pool area for the resort. I didn’t get down to the pool area but the view from my room was awesome!

After I got myself situated in the room I then went for a wander. Love exploring these large hotels in Vegas and discovering what gems they hold. South Point has 11 restaurants with something for everyone. But more about the dining experience later.

After leaving the elevators I headed back towards the casino to start my exploration. On the way I passed the Gift Shop. Diverted in there to browse and see what they had. Always good to know what they have in case you forget anything. In the Gift Store there were a lot of merchandise relating to horses (the hotel has an equestrian center), some Vegas themed gifts, then the normal stuff like alcohol, drinks, snacks, “forgot to bring with me” stuff, etc.

In my wanderings I discovered the hotel not only has 11 restaurants, but there was also a spa, fitness center, live theater, movie theater, bowling alley, plenty of bars and lounges, the arena & equestrian center, and a large conference center. WOW! It seems they have thought of everything so you don’t need to leave the resort at all!

I did get to wander to the equestrian center and watch some show jumping competition they had on at the time. I haven’t seen indoor show jumping before so it was very cool. I was surprised at how small the indoor course is compared to the outdoor courses I have seen. I had my doubts about how the riders would get their horses round such a tight course. They soon proved me wrong although one horse I watched didn’t want to jump one of the jumps the first time. But the rider swung the horse around for another attempt and the horse went over.

Later that evening I was dining with friends in the Coronado Cafe. Now while I try to eat healthy most of the time I have a weakness for Fish ‘n’ Chips. Whenever I see it on a menu I have to try them. I’m always on the lookout for Fish ‘n’ Chips that remind me of New Zealand. So I ordered my Fish ‘n’ Chips and asked for the chips to be extra crispy. I love crunchy chips (fries). The waiter told me that was not possible. When I inquired why, he told me because they use Peanut Oil. ALERT!! ALERT!! ALERT!! Peanuts are one of the most common food allergies and the restaurant uses peanut oil for all their frying!! Are you kidding me?? Nope they weren’t. Since I do react to peanuts that killed my thoughts of Fish ‘n’ Chips. Nowhere on the menu did it warn that they used peanut oil for cooking. HUGE mistake!! Now that I knew that I would have to be extra vigilant when it came to ordering from any of the other restaurants in the hotel. WOW!! That not only floored me but my dinner companions as well.

After a good night’s sleep it was off to breakfast in the Coronado Cafe. I played it safe and ordered Eggs Benedict. One of my favourites and made sure there was nothing fried on my plate. They were pretty good!

Had an awesome day at the conference we were there for. Dinner that evening was at the Garden Buffet. Okay since I have a few allergies I have to be extra vigilant when it comes to buffets. I asked our waiter if they used peanut oil for frying any of the food on the buffet. He asked about my food allergies and then directed me to his supervisor. I went over and asked her questions about the food prep. She then walked me back to the buffet and asked me to wait. She then returned with the Executive Chef who then gave me a personal tour of the buffet explaining how some dishes were prepared and what foods to avoid due to my allergies. I asked if they did this for everyone with food allergies. He told me he did. WOW!! I was blown away! Apparently, by the register there is a sign asking you to make the staff aware of any food allergies. Normally I look around and see what signage they have a buffet registers as you never know what useful info you might pick up. I don’t recall seeing any signs about allergies. My tip would be if there are signs there to make it bigger so they stand out more.

I had an interesting conversation with the Executive Chef. He was not the Executive for the buffet but he was the Executive Chef for the hotel and oversaw ALL the restaurants in the hotel. I then brought up my concerns about the Coronado Cafe using Peanut Oil. Turns out they offer a Chinese Menu in the Cafe as well so just use the one oil. Although, he did agree that something did need to be done about making people aware of the peanut oil. Will be interesting if I go back there again if any changes have been made.

The next day saw me having a breakfast meeting in the cafe again before hitting the road and driving home to San Diego.

My overall impression of the hotel was very positive. I would not hesitate to book clients there who wanted something off the main strip in Vegas or sending a family there for a vacation. There is plenty to see and do at the hotel. You are not far from the main strip and there is plenty of parking at any of the hotels on The Strip and it is all free. My only concern is for those with food allergies. Make your wait staff aware of any prior to ordering. Although the experience in the buffet was awesome with the guided tour. Have never had that before at any buffet I have been to.

If you have stayed at South Point we would love to hear your impressions. If you would like to book a stay at South Point or any other hotel in Vegas, please call us at 818.528.8300.



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