Stress or Vacation? The Choice is Yours

Helen Brahms | Cruise Planners | Have2Cruise | StressAccording to a recent Forbes article “The cost of stress-related health care is estimated at $344 billion a year.” WOW! Yes you read that right $344 BILLION! What I read next in that article lit a huge fire inside me. The article then said, “The silly thing is that the fix is incredibly simple: offer employees vacation time and encourage them to take it.” 

People it IS that simple. The more you work without a break the more stress you are putting yourself under, the more useless you become. Yes, I did say you become more useless and here’s why; without a break your productivity goes down, you loose focus, your stress levels rise leading a drop in your immune system causing you to get sick more often. You become useless.

What is a vacation? A vacation is a time for you to get away from your normal routine and rest, relax, rejuvenate, recharge. A vacation is a chance to unplug from work. Yes, you need to unplug from work or it is not a vacation it is just working from a different location.

By unplugging and recharging yourself you become more useful. You become more productive, your creative juices flow easier, your stress levels drop, you boost your immune system, you take less time off for illness AND a big reason to take a vacation…You are NOT contributing to the $344 billion in stress related health care!

EVERYONE needs a vacation from the clerk or the factory worker to the CEO or business owner. If you have employees you need to encourage them to take vacations. Not only will your employees be less stressed, more productive, healthier, but they will make less mistakes.

As an employer, business owner, CEO you need to take vacations so you can step back from the day-to-day stuff and allow yourself that time to recharge. By taking that step back and getting out of the office, completely unplugging and recharging you have now opened yourself up to seeing things from a different perspective. You can now think clearer about your business strategies, goals, etc and you too become more productive, less stressed, healthier and make better decisions.

The message is very simple: TAKE A VACATION or be forced to contribute to $344 billion in stress related health. The choice is yours.

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