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As we pulled up in the mini bus to Te Vakaroa Villas we saw a tall wall with a wooden door allowing access to what lay beyond. My first thought was exclusive luxury and private. We entered through the door I felt like I had walked into a tropical hideaway. The gardens and paths were lush, green and welcoming. We were met by the onsite manager who gave us the information on the villas before we got a peek inside the only villa she had available.


Have2Travel | Helen Brahms | Have2Cruise | Cruise Planners | Kasey Kiwi | Te Vakaroa Villas | Entrance
Entrance to the villas is through a private courtyard. The entrance to the downstairs villas are under the staircases.

Te Vakaroa Villas have only six villas made up of three one-bedroom villas on the ground floor and three two-bedroom villas on the second floor. In total the villas can accommodate a maximum of 18 people AND no one under the age of 12 years is allowed on the property. It makes a spectacular adult only retreat.

We were soon led to the middle one bedroom villa. WOW! We entered into a hallway but what caught my attention was at the far end of the hallway were open doors that looked out onto a gorgeous patio, infinity pool and the lagoon. It was a stunning view! Before racing through the villa to check out the view I did stop and take note of what was in the villa!

Have2Travel | Helen Brahms | Have2Cruise | Cruise Planners | Kasey Kiwi | Te Vakaroa Villas | Bedroom
Bedroom with private tropical terrace.

Each villa has Super King beds in every bedroom. Every bedroom has its own ensuite (bathroom). The villa we were in had a private tropical outdoor terrace off the bedroom with chairs for you to sit and enjoy some quiet time.

As we walked through the hallway to the main area of the villa we passed a storage cupboard and in-room laundry facilities. The main area contains seating area and fully equipped kitchen. You can either cook and prepare your own meals or have a chef come in and cook for you. The main area opens out onto a covered terrace with couch, easy chairs and coffee table which then opens out onto the shared pool area that overlooks the Muri Beach and the lagoon. The pool area has the infinity pool, hot tub, gazebo, and chaise lounges.

When outside looking back at the one building that contains the six villas I immediately thought this place would be perfect for two types of groups. One group would be family getaway for families with teenage children since they don’t allow anyone under the age of 12 years on the property. The second group would be those who hold exclusive Mastermind retreats.

Have2Travel | Helen Brahms | Have2Cruise | Cruise Planners | Kasey Kiwi | Te Vakaroa Villas | Backyard
In the “backyard” looking back at the Villas

If a group were to book all six villas for their get together or retreat then you would have exclusive use of the property. Just you and your group. While it is an intimate setting there is plenty of space to spread out if needed. Think about how effective your mastermind group and breakout sessions would be if you were outside in a tropical paradise, with ocean breezes helping to clear the gray matter, refresh, recharge, and relax each person in the group. Can you imagine the creativity that would flow through your group? Think of the ideas, planning and strategies that would be formed in that environment.

Of course no mastermind retreat would be complete without some play time. Te Vakaroa Villas has water sport equipment available for use by villa guests. Also Rarotonga has a lot to offer. Most accommodation places on the island consider the island as the resort and they encourage their guests to leave the property and explore the island and all it has to offer.

Have2Travel | Helen Brahms | Have2Cruise | Cruise Planners | Kasey Kiwi | Te Vakaroa Villas | Infinity Pool
The “Backyard” view

If you would like more information about Te Vakaroa Villas, please go to and pick the best day and time that works for you for us to chat.

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