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Helen Brahms | Have2Cruise | Travel Insurance

Helen Brahms | Have2Cruise | Travel Insurance

Travel insurance – Yes or No? This is a question I get asked a LOT!! Why would you not insure your vacation? Think about it this way you spend thousands on your home, cars, boats, etc and you have them insured. Yet you spend hundreds, if not, thousands on your dream vacation and you won’t insure it? To be honest to me it makes no sense.

On December 1, 2014 CBS in Florida wrote an article “Travel Nightmare Leaves Family Feeling Helpless“. It is about a gentleman on a cruise who was injured while on a shore excursion in Cozumel. He was taken to hospital where he was admitted for treatment. The problem is he has NO travel insurance! His medical bills are on the rise and the hospital is threatening to cease treatment unless they get payment.

Now you are probably thinking what about his health insurance. Surely that would cover him. Unfortunately, many of the health insurances do NOT cover you outside the country. This is something that you need to check with your medical insurance company before you leave.

Some people think their credit cards provide them with travel insurance. Some credit card companies do have some form of travel insurance BUT you need to check what they actually cover.

I personally always buy travel insurance for any vacations and business trips I am taking. I have had to put in claims twice in the past six years. One claim was because our trip to an All-Inclusive Resort in Cancun was interrupted by a hurricane. Our return flights were canceled and we had to stay at the resort for an extra three nights. As soon as we found out our flight was cancelled we called the insurance company immediately. They started the claim process, emailed us the forms we needed, and told us what we needed to do. The insurance company paid for our extra three nights at the resort, our laundry, and our extra days of parking at the airport.

The next claim we did was while we were on a River Cruise in Europe. I got a 24-hour stomach flu and they brought a doctor onboard. The doctor did his thing and wrote a couple of prescriptions. Someone from the crew went into town and got the prescription filled. When we got back home I placed a claim with my medical insurance company and with my travel insurance. What the medical insurance company did not cover the travel insurance did.

Travel insurance is important! It should be something that you get without thinking too much about it. Yes, compare the plans and find the best one for you. Here are some things to think about when looking for travel insurance:

1. What trip protection does the policy offer? Look for things like Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Missed Connection, Trip Cancellation or Interruption due to business reasons.

2. What medical coverage is provided? Look for Emergency Medical and Dental, Emergency Medical Transportation

3. What baggage protection is there? Look for Baggage Lost/Damaged, Baggage Delay

4. What assistant services does the policy provide? Look for Luggage Locator, Concierge, 24-hour Hotline Help, International Destination Websites

5. Are pre-existing conditions covered? If so, when does the policy have to be purchased by in relation to the deposit and final payment for your trip?

6. Does the policy cover supplier (cruise line, airline, tour company, etc) financial default coverage? If so, when does the policy have to be purchased by in relation to the deposit and final payment for your trip?

7. Is there a cancel anytime option?

If you would like more information about the benefits of Travel Insurance please go to and set up a time for us to chat. Do you have any travel insurance stories to share? Please leave your comments below.

Helen Brahms

World globetrotter, Helen Brahms, is your Luxury Travel Concierge. She specializes in creating unique once-in-a-lifetime travel memories and charity fundraising trips. Whether your travel dreams include exotic locations or time with your family, you can have it all. Helen loves to help people cross destinations off their travel bucket list before they take a dirt nap!

Helen is the host of the Have2Travel Radio Show ( and is the author of the book "Congratulations, You're Going On a Cruise! Now What?" and the co-author of the book "Passionistas Talk!: The Best of the Passion Point Interviews (Vol. 1)"


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